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Student Life in Australia

Australia has fascinated students for a long list of reasons but the topmost is the lifestyle it promises. With colleges ranking amongst the Top 100 of the world, the Universities of Australia have seen a definitive increase in their international student numbers in recent years.

Cost of Study

The guy, a student, is studying in the library at the university

The island country Australia is attracting more and more international students from all around the globe. Some of the top universities and colleges in the world are located in Australia and thus, Australia is becoming the new favorite among students.

But how much does education in Australia cost? The tuition fee differs from university to university as well as the type of program and course you opt for.

Tuition Fee in Australia

Cost of Living

Australia ranks amongst the top 10 in the Human Development Index as well as the Quality of Life Index. In simple words, a developed nation, Australia is amongst the top countries of the world in terms of its education system, GDP, and purchasing power parity indexes.

With a high level of income, it also enjoys a high level of health awareness, an excellent medical system as well as a politically stable economy.

But as a student, these are hardly the indices you would wish to worry about. What matters is how much it would cost to stay in Australia.

Boarding Accommodation Options and Costs

Other living costs

While accommodations costs form a large share of expenditures under living expenses, other costs under the cost of living in Australia include:

Other costs of living in Australia

Working while studying

Australian Immigration Laws are comparatively easy when it comes to working while studying. Though the rules might vary, generally students are allowed to work for up to 40 weeks in a year.

Companies, local businesses, and retail shops often hire students (both domestic and international). As an international student, you are protected by the same labor laws as the domestic student populace which also means the minimum wages. As a student, you can expect around $17 per hour (rough estimates).

The kinds of jobs are also varied. There are both on-campus jobs as well as local jobs available and often universities have an office that would help you find the right one for you.

Once you graduate, you stay in Australia for 18 months to four years, depending on your qualifications. To stay, you will need a Graduate Temporary Skilled Visa (subclass 485).

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