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6 Ways To Get Your Canadian PR

Are you looking for opportunities to Migrate to Canada? Want to settle abroad with a higher salary and better benefits? Migrating to Canada might be a good option considering that it is one the most loved countries by migration aspirants.

How do you migrate to Canada? Which programs are easy? Which program suits you? We will know about that in this article.

More than 60 Canadian immigration programs are available to individuals seeking to immigrate to Canada. Emigrantz’s comprehensive assessment method evaluates your eligibility across all categories.

The path to Canadian citizenship begins by acquiring Canadian permanent resident status. Similar to a “Green Card” in the United States, a Canada Permanent Resident Card will enable you to work and live in Canada. The best way of determining if you qualify for Canadian Permanent Residency, through one of Canada’s many immigration programs, is to fill out our assessment form. Our team of experts will carefully review your assessment and get back to you within 24 hours.

What are the categories to get your permanent residence?

1. Federal Skilled Worker

The woman (Skilled Worker applicant) is working in the office

Federal Skilled workers are foreign nationals with experience in specific occupations and who are issued Canadian permanent resident visas based on their ability to become economically established in Canada.

Skilled Worker applicants are assessed based on a number of factors that forecast the likelihood of successful integration into Canadian society. Factors include but are not limited to, the applicant’s work experience, language abilities, and education.

2. Provincial Nominee Program

Only the federal government of Canada may issue permanent resident visas, however, provincial nominee programs authorize provinces and territories to nominate particular foreign nationals to apply for their Canadian permanent residency. Provinces and territories nominate applicants based on the labor market and economic needs of each province or territory.

Once a province or territory nominates an applicant, he or she will be given a nomination certificate that is to be submitted with their application to the federal government for their Canadian permanent resident visa. Nearly every province and territory has a provincial nominee program, and applicants to those programs must intend to live in the province or territory they apply to.

3. Canadian Experience Class

Engineer with Helmet Applied for Canadian PR Card

Temporary Foreign Workers are ideal immigration candidates and are likely to establish themselves in Canada. The Canadian government recognizes that immersion in Canadian society as a temporary foreign worker significantly increases the likelihood of economic integration as a permanent resident.

Members of the Canadian Experience Class have typically established important networks in Canada as temporary foreign workers and international students.

4. Federal Skilled Trades

The Canadian Federal Skilled Trades program is a new Canadian immigration program for people who want to become Canadian permanent residents based on being in a qualified skilled trade. Applications are assessed based on the applicant’s ability to become economically established in Canada.

Note : The scope of this program is limited as the number of applications are limited as per certain jobs .

5. Family Class Sponsorship

Family reunification in Canada

One of the many objectives of Canadian immigration law is to see that families are reunited in Canada. The Canadian government places significant emphasis on the importance of family unity and values.  Canadian immigration law is designed to reflect that priority through several streams relating to family reunification in Canada.

6. Business Investor / Entrepreneur / Self-Employed

A young man aiming for a Canada Permanent Resident Card is choosing between Business Investor, Entrepreneur, or Self-Employed pathways

Canada’s Federal Business Immigration program is designed for those foreign nationals who wish to use their business experience to immigrate to Canada. Applicants can only apply for one of the four classes listed below and the class cannot be changed after the application is submitted. A Canadian immigration lawyer at our firm can assist you and ensure a smooth application process.

Below is a list of the four different classes available under this program, all of which have their criteria and requirements:

  1. Immigrant Investor
  2. Federal Entrepreneur
  3. Self-Employed Persons
  4. Start-Up Visa Program

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